Be a NOW World Changer! Here’s the secret of HOW!

My kids have #4 nailed! Sort of?

My kids have #4 nailed! Sort of?

Listening to my world changing son teaching me about social media posting

Listening to my world changing son teaching me about social media posting

Listen up Future World Changers! Wait! Why do we say “Future” World Changers? Teenagers! You are the “NOW” World Changers! YOU are the strong, powerful, connected voice of what this world needs, not in the future, but RIGHT NOW! And you want to know the secret to being a teen that has the most power, the highest level of leadership, the strongest impact capability? Because I know the secret, just lean in and listen. Are you listening? Good! Because that’s the big secret! Be a listener. Humans that listen to other humans compassionately and honestly and with a heart for finding solutions that the world is craving are the most powerful change makers. How can you be a best friend? Listen with your heart. How can you be a leader to your peers? Listen to their needs. How can you be a proponent for change and receive an audience that will listen to you? Listen to those that are speaking about what change is needed and speak to that need.

Check out these FIVE REASONS why the best World Changers are LISTENERS!

LISTENERS ARE LEADERS: You know those people at your school; the people that are the center of attention, that seemingly have all the confidence in the world, that it seems like other kids are drawn to…well, NEWS FLASH! The people that speak the loudest are typically the most insecure and are just trying to forcefully prove to anyone around them that they can demand power and attention by being the loudest or most funny or quirkiest. Come on, you know those people…every school has those people. But, now turn your attention to not the attention seekers, but the action DOERS. They are spending their time taking action based on a problem that they’ve LISTENED to that needs to be solved. How can you lead people if you don’t know their needs? If you don’t know what they want? Opening your ears to the hearts of those that need you (our world is desperate for leadership that puts others first; we are craving leadership that listens, which means you are a high commodity if you are a listener) makes you stronger and more appealing as a leader than every loudmouth on the planet combined! Leading people where YOU think they should go is one technique, but leading people in a direction that they feel passionate about will propagate and grow strength and wholeness as a society? Now THAT’S leadership!
LISTENERS VALIDATE OTHERS: People that are listened to become powerful, just because you cared about them enough to listen! Your goal as a leader is NOT to prove your power, but to help others discover the power within themselves to then join the charge! When you listen to others, they feel validated in their important thoughts, which will support their feeling of strength, which then automatically encourages them to take action in a cause you both believe in. By listening to others, you are encouraging other powerful world changers—just by listening, you are exponentially causing a ripple effect of action!
LISTENERS ARE LEARNERS: People who talk more than they listen are inward livers. They perceive that they have the answers inside their own minds. Listeners show that they believe there is so much in the world to be learned; they are outward livers. Listeners find value in the knowledge of others. The see the weight of others’ intellect and feel that other humans have knowledge to offer that will help them become even more effective in their world changing capabilities.
LISTENERS HAVE HUMILITY: One of the most noble traits we can exhibit is humility; that we find the value in others to be just as important as our own. It is important and NOT WRONG to have a strong sense of self, to feel self confident, to have a strong ego. Lots of people think it’s bad to have an ego. WE MUST HAVE A STRONG EGO! We are made to be powerful, and we have to believe in ourselves to fulfill this purpose. However, when we go wrong is when we decide that others value is not as important. EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET HAS A PURPOSE AND A VIEW OF THE WORLD THAT IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS OUR OWN. Humility is shown by listening. Humility is cultivated by embracing others. You don’t have to agree with their views, but you have to believe that they have credibility as a human and respect that they are allowed to think differently than you.
LISTENERS ARE DIFFERENCE MAKERS: How can you be a world changer if you don’t know your direction of action? Yes, of course, you can have an idea that has never been heard of and create change in the world that people have never thought of; that’s incredible and beautiful and the reason we are such a forward-thinking society! But even then, create a plan for that brilliance based on feedback you receive from those you trust that you run your ideas by. Listening is NEVER not a good idea. You may decide to go a different route, but feedback is always a benefit.

World changers, open your hearts and minds by opening your ears! That’s the first step! Listen to your fellow humans, cultivate your humility, and create other strong leaders by listening to them. Teenagers, I am honored to be on this planet at this moment with you! I am excited for the future of our world with you in charge of it! Put these tips in your phone notes in a condensed version (you can even copy and paste what I put below for your phone) and start analyzing your actions when you’re around others. Are you a listener? Are you cultivating growth in yourself and others? Making daily changes—one powerful step at a time—will help you accomplish all you have inside you to do! You were created for excellence, don’t allow yourself to behave in a way that doesn’t fulfill this destiny.

Put this in your phone—————————->

Am I leading others by listening to their needs?
Am I validating others’ feelings by listening with my heart?
Am I receiving the knowledge outside of myself by listening to the wisdom of others?
Are you practicing humility?
Are you creating change that is moving our society forward by listening to need?

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